Belspo offers you

1. A job with societal value
As a federal service, BELSPO provides jobs with an added value for society. Every day, BELSPO employees contribute to public welfare. The organisation supports a variety of cross-cutting research programmes, which serve as an information base for the federal authority so that it can make informed decisions. Working at BELSPO means investing in meaningful projects for a better future.

2. Many training opportunities
BELSPO supports the professional development of its employees. The organisation promotes skills development and offers a wide range of training courses through the Federal Administration Training Institute (OFO/IFA). BELSPO also encourages members of its organisation to attend external training courses under certain conditions. Working at BELSPO means being involved in your own development.

3. A work-life balance
BELSPO is committed to providing a fulfilling work environment that promotes a good work-life balance. For this reason, the institution facilitates remote working for staff and offers up to 2 days of remote working per week. In addition, BELSPO offers flexible working hours for the 38-hour service. Working at BELSPO means ensuring your personal development.

4. Job stability
Stability is important in a job. As a federal service, BELSPO offers job security so that you can look forward to a brighter future. Working at BELSPO means guaranteeing your future.

5. Easy access
BELSPO is located just a stone's throw from the Gare du Nord. Its offices are easily accessible on foot and by public transport. The offices have recently been refurbished to provide an attractive and modern working environment. Working at BELSPO means enjoying a pleasant environment.

6. A commitment to sustainable development
BELSPO is EMAS (European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certified and is concerned about its environmental impact. The organisation is working hard to reduce its waste. Working at BELSPO means supporting our planet.

7. Additional benefits
Free public transport for commuting, provision of a laptop, a potential flat-rate contribution to mobile phone costs, the possibility of a bilingualism bonus, favourable health insurance, possibility of receiving a bonus for cycling, various social benefits, different benefits the Fed+ card, free access to several museums with the BELSPO card. Working at BELSPO means enjoying certain benefits.

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