• Identification of all published yeast species
  • Fully updatable identification database including 693 species
  • 96 diagnostic tests included, with an overall reliability of 98.2 %
  • Automated and miniaturized, using a digiscan microplate reader
  • Complete identification possible within 5 days
  • Up to 500 strains can be identified per month, per operator


  • Human and veterinary medicine
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Agro-Food industry
  • Environmental studies
  • Taxonomy


Tests included in BCCMTM/ALLEV 2.00

  • 14 tests for the fermentation of carbohydrates
  • 53 tests for the assimilation of carbohydrates and nitrogen compounds
  • 10 tests for vitamin requirements
  • 19 tests for other important yeasts features

Software features

  • WindowsTM based. Compatible Windows 3.x and Windows 95
  • Automated reading, retrieving and computing of data
  • Easy viewing and updating of strains and species data as well as results of identifications
  • Identification by similarity or using multiple entry key
  • Complete identification report on screen, spreadsheet or file
  • Flexible data export to spreadsheets, database or other application programs
  • Yeasts pictures viewing system. All genera on pictures
  • Context sensitive on-line help
  • Many other features


  • IBM compatible PC, Pentium processor, 130 MHZ, 16 RAM, 1.3 GB HD
  • Asys DigiScan microplate Reader 400 with 4 filters
  • Computer interface using RS 232
  • 100 ready-to-use assimilation microplates

User manual and training

  • A practical user manual is delivered. Although BCCMTM/ALLEV 2.00 is very easy to use and intuitive system, training can be provided upon request.


Last update: 5 July 1999
Contact : F. Guissart