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  • First order of your company/laboratory

    First orders should be sent by mail or fax, written on paper with the customer's official letterhead, signed by an authorized person.
    With your first delivery, a customer number will be allocated to your company/laboratory.

  • Further orders

    Further orders can be made using the order form below.

  • General conditions of material transfer

    Read the BCCM™ Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

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Customer Information

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(*1)Without the Customer number, this order will be refused.
If you do not know your Customer number, please contact the appropriate collection.

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Product Information

Species or Plasmid name Accession number(*2)  Qnty Form of

The accession number always starts with the acronym of the appropriate BCCMTM collection (LMBP, LMG, IHEM, MUCL).
If the collection number is not known to the client, the accession number in other collection(s) should be given with their acronym.

Unless otherwise indicated, plasmids are distributed as host/plasmid combinations, grown to saturation in LB medium. When available, the complete data sheet, the circular map and the reconstructed nucleotide sequence file (ASCII file on a PC formatted diskette) will be enclosed. Upon specific request, a plasmid can be delivered without sequence, at a small discount, which is also valid in case the sequence is mainly unknown.
BCCM/LMBP can also supply a reconstructed nucleotide sequence without shipping the plasmid: see price list.

Bacteria will be distributed freeze-dried or active, please add in the "Form of supply" column: "A" for active culture or "F" for freeze-dried.

Filamentous fungi and yeasts will be distributed freeze-dried; please let the "Form of supply" column empty.


To E-mail directly to the Sales Department, please select the appropriate BCCMTM collection:


BCCMTM/MUCL, Agro-industrial fungi and yeasts collection
BCCMTM/IHEM, Biomedical fungi and yeasts collection
BCCMTM/LMG, Bacteria collection
BCCMTM/LMBP, Plasmids collection

Please do not duplicate the order by also sending the form via fax or mail.
When necessary, send the required import permit to the collection to enable shipment.

Last update: 17 May 2005
Contact : F. Guissart