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ICSP (The Federal Interministerial Commission for Scientific Policy)

The missions of the ICSP are defined by the RD of 6 January 1997 (pdf in French and Dutch): to co-ordinate the preparation and implementation of governmental decisions with regard to federal scientific policy, which require the concerted action of two or several ministerial departments. The Commission is comprised of general officials from the federal departments.

The ICSP has established some standing sub-commissions:

Interdepartmental Budget Programme for Science Policy (IBSP),
responsible for examining the budget proposals submitted by the federal departments with respect to science policy funding and to give opinions and recommendations on the level, evolution and allocation of the federal public effort with regard to science policy.

Federal Scientific Institutes (FSI),
which gives an opinion on all questions relating to the constitution, the level, the competencies and the general attributions of the Federal Scientific Institutes (FSI), as well as about their creation, elimination or transfer, and the status of the scientific personnel of these institutes.

Fiscal aspects of research & development,
whose mission is to deliver an opinion, when instructed by the ICSP plenary session, on dossiers introduced with a view to benefiting from the provisions contained in the 1992 Code on taxes and earnings (art. 104, 3°, b) and the implementing order for this Code (art. 57) in respect of tax exemptions for donations granted to scientific research establishments; this sub-committee also has the job of preparing ISCP deliberations in plenary session on fiscal policy to encourage R&D and innovation.

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