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Belgian Coordinated Collections of Micro-organisms, BCCM (Belgian Biological Resource Centre)


  • Responsible(s) Federal Science Policy:
    Bosschaerts Marleen, Benyahia Zayid, Depauw Anne, Desmeth Philippe, Storms Virginie, Van de Perre Vincent
  • Final decision of the Ministers Council: 27/3/2009
  • Duration of the research: 1/1/2010 - //
  • Budget: 3,700,000.00 EUR /year
  • Research projects: 7

Accompanying committee:

Public health/Environment, Economic affairs (Industrial Property), Foreign Affairs (Development Cooperation), Science Policy; Flemish Community, French Community, German Community, Walloon Region, Flemish Region, Brussels Capital City Region.


BCCM is the Belgian microbial genetic resource centre. The BCCM consortium has the task to support the research, development and innovation activities of the life sciences and biotechnology sector. BCCM supports the Belgian State in the execution of its obligations in the frame of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Nagoya Protocol and the Budapest Treaty.


BCCM vision
The BCCM consortium wants to be a solution partner for providing services of quality in microbial and genetic resources for academia and industry

BCCM mission
The BCCM consortium aims to:
- acquire, preserve and distribute microbial and genetic resources,
- identify and characterize these biological materials,
- offer customer-oriented services,
- increase the understanding of microorganisms and their function in ecosystems,
- foster the application of biological resources.

BCCM strategy
The BCCM consortium joins 7 decentralised biological resource centres with complementary expertise.
- continues to upgrade its service portfolio and scientific expertise,
- develops a powerful data management system,
- runs a multi-site ISO 9001 quality management system,
- fosters (inter)national collaboration, linkage and exchange,
- complies with (inter)national regulations regarding the handling of microbial and genetic resources.

Research projects:

C5/17/DCG: BCCM/DCG Diatoms Collection

C5/17/IHEM: BCCM/IHEM Biomedical Fungi and Yeasts Collection

C5/17/ITM: BCCM/ITM Mycobacteria Collection

C5/17/LMBP: BCCM/LMBP Plasmid Collection

C5/17/LMG: BCCM/LMG Bacteria Collection

C5/17/MUCL: BCCM/MUCL Agro-food and Environmental Fungal Collection

C5/17/ULC: BCCM/ULC Cyanobacteria Collection


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- BCCM Newsletter

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