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Digitisation of cultural and scientific heritage of the federal scientific institutions (Phase 1)


  • Responsible(s) Federal Science Policy:
    Anna Calderone
  • Final decision of the Ministers Council: 30/4/2004
  • Duration of the research: 1/11/2005 - 1/1/2012
  • Budget: 19,539,308.80 EUR
  • Research projects: 9


The overall aim of the nine projects is to reinforce the distribution and promotion of the Federal Scientific Establishments’ (FSE) collections and to ensure a global consolidation of the digitisation effort between these establishments by focusing on synergies and complementarities, while respecting the specificity of each one. The level of digitisation chosen relates to the automisation of the catalogue and the digitisation of images and metadata. The types of object chosen are pieces with the greatest likelihood of suffering damage and those with the greatest scientific or cultural interest in the opinion of the Federal Scientific Establishments.


The Council of Ministers of 30 April 2004 approved the implementation of a mid-term Digitisation Plan (10 years) concerning the scientific and cultural heritage of the Federal Scientific Establishments that fell under the remit of the Minister of Scientific Research and the Royal Belgian Film Archive. This plan was based on the core scenario identified by Bureau van Dijk’s study, aimed at establishing the foundations of a coherent policy taking into account, from the outset, a global and consolidated vision of the specific needs and constraints of each institution.

The goal was to digitise all the collections considered a priority by the establishments for an overall budget of approximately EUR 150 million.
In November 2005, the 10-year Digitisation Plan began with the funding of an initial phase (2005-2008) which aimed to complete nine specific priority projects, chosen from among the 60 priority projects in the core scenario of Bureau van Dijk’s study.

The first phase was supposed to finish at the end of 2008 initially but owing to delays in the progress of the works, it was given its first extension until the end of 2009. To ensure a bridge with the second phase (PPP), it was then extended for a second time until the end of 2010, then until the end of 2011.

Research projects:

DI/01: Digital catalogues of the libraries of the Federal Scientific Establishments Institutions and the Royal Belgian Film Archives

DI/02: Digitisation of newspapers and press cuttings

DI/03: Digital copies of documents

DI/04: Databases of objects in the art and history collections

DI/05: Catalogues and database of scientific collections

DI/06: Database of handwritten climatological observations

DI/07: Digitisation of photographic plates

DI/08: Scanning of photos and other objects

DI/09: Scanning of audiovisual material


Digitale ontsluiting en conservering van foto's en andere objecten : eindrapport Vanhee, Hein - Gillet, Florence  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2013 (SP2565)
[To download

Bases de données d'objets de collections artistiques et historiques Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique (phase 1) : rapport final Desaive, Pierre-Yves - Lasaracina, Karine - Van de Cappelle, Lies ... et al  Bruxelles : Politique Scientifique fédérale, 2012 (SP2518)
[To download

InfoCol: Digitalisering van de collecties van de KMKG (phase 1) : eindrapport Desaive, Pierre-Yves - Angenon, Els - Bertholomé, Laetitia ... et al  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2012 (SP2519)
[To download

Catalogi en databank van wetenschappelijke collecties (Phase 1) : eindrapport Emery, Cathy - Semal, Patrick - Lenglet, Georges ... et al  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2012 (SP2520)
[To download

Banque de données d’observations climatologiques manuscrites (Phase 1) : rapport final Tricot, Christian - Muller, Christian - Mormal, Pascal ... et al  Bruxelles : Politique Scientifique fédérale, 2012 (SP2521)
[To download

Digitale copies van documenten : eindrapport Verachten, Lucie - Meese, Laurent - Martin, Dirk ... et al  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2012 (SP2523)
[To download

Digitalisering van originele fotografische dragers Digitaliseringsplan : eindverslag Alonso, Max Fernandez - Buelinckx, Erik - Pauwels, Thierry ... et al  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2012 (SP2524)
[To download

Scannage du matériel audiovisuel : rapport final Gansemans, Jos - Van Schuylenbergh, Patricia  Bruxelles : Politique Scientifique fédérale, 2012 (SP2525)
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