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  • Responsible(s) Federal Science Policy:
    Lieve Van Daele, Kristof Vlaeminck
  • Final decision of the Ministers Council: //
  • Duration of the research: 1/7/1985 - //
  • Research projects: 3

Accompanying committee:

- At the European level : Group of National Project Co-ordinators - At the Belgian level : Federal Authorities - Regional Authorities Consultative Group


The purpose of the EUREKA initiative is to promote the European economy’s competitiveness and the quality of employment.


EUREKA is an European initiative that was launched in 1985. The aims are the stimulation of the research efforts of enterprises and boosting their innovation capacity. EUREKA helps them to align their resources and with the collaboration with research institutes for developing advanced technologies and market oriented products.

'Bottom up' is the basic rule of EUREKA. Participants are fully responsible for defining and implementing their scientific and technological cooperation projects. So they decide themselves the best way to new markets.

EUREKA also acts as a forum for direct dialogue between governments and standardization bodies, between EUREKA participants who aim for industrial standards and those who are hampered by technical, commercial or administrative obstacles.

Research projects:

EU/DD/01: An expert's contract in line with the EUREKA initiative (environment)

EU/DD/11: An expert's contract in line with the EUREKA initiative (mechanical engineering)

EU/DD/12: An expert's contract in line with the EUREKA initiative (Assessment of exposure to electromagnetic waves generated by telecommunications equipment)


e-Excellence in Belgium : The best of e-content and e-business technologies   s.l. : European Multimedia Forum, 2006 (SP1643)
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