Interuniversity attraction poles 4 (IAP)


  • Responsible(s) Federal Science Policy: Feys Veronique, Lejour Corinne
  • Final decision of the Ministers Council: 29/11/1996
  • Duration of the research: 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2001
  • Budget: 110,312,618.52 EUR
  • Research projects: 35

Accompanying committee:

OSTC, Flemish Community, French Community


The IAP programme is aimed at giving temporary impulsion and at creating interuniversity high level networks in fundamental research. The choice of these networks was made following concerted deliberations between the universities and the public administration after expert evaluation.

The programme has multiple objectives :

- providing advanced research teams with a critical mass of additional human and material resources;
- supporting these teams over a sufficiently long period (during 5 years);
- developing or creating collaboration between teams from different universities active in the same or similar fields;
- enhancing the complementarity and interdisciplinarity between these teams;
- stimulating contacts between universities from different Communities;
- inserting Belgian teams into European or international research networks.


35 networks are operational at present, with about 154 research teams.

The research networks can be classified into different categories: biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, applied sciences, historical sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Research projects:

P4/01: Equilibrium theory for economic policy

P4/02: Modelling, identification, simulation and control of complex systems

P4/03: Protein engineering

P4/04: The law of European integration: the internal dimension and the external dimension

P4/05: Modern aspects of theoretical- and observational (ground-based and space-borne) astrophysics

P4/06: Fundamental aspects of hydrodynamic instabilities in multiphase and multicomponent systems

P4/07: Radiation-matter interaction

P4/08: Structure and dynamics of complex systems

P4/09: Host-parasite interactions during the development of Trypanosoma brucei

P4/10: Reduced dimensionality systems

P4/11: Supramolecular chemistry and supramolecular catalysis

P4/12: Interdisciplinary research regarding settlement development, palaeoecology and palaeoeconomy in the Roman West and East

P4/13: Photonic technologies for advanced information systems

P4/14: Urban society in the late Middle Ages

P4/15: Growth and development of higher plants

P4/16: Neuroendocrine interactions in the gastrointestinal tract under normal and pathological conditions

P4/17: Genetics of normal and abnormal differentiation

P4/18: Production and use of radioactive nuclear beams in nuclear astrophysics and nuclear physics

P4/19: Temporal control of dynamic task situations and the nature of human knowledge representation

P4/20: Coupled problems in electromagnetic systems

P4/21: Cellular and molecular basis for prevention and treatment of diabetes

P4/22: Vision: dynamic processing, plasticity and memory

P4/23: Transmembrane transport and protein phosphorylation in steering cell function

P4/24: Intelligent mechatronic systems

P4/25: The land of Summer and Akkad: a reconstruction of its environment and history

P4/26: Molecular-biological approaches to the development of new anticancer agents

P4/27: Human rights of children. Implementation and monitoring through participation

P4/28: The strategic analysis of organizations: microeconomic and management perspectives, with an application to universities

P4/29: Regulation and manipulation of the immune response

P4/30: Molecular genetics and pathology of signal transduction

P4/31: Research and interdisciplinary assessment on the information society: networks, uses and roles of the State

P4/32: The new social question

P4/33: Materials and materials processes: design, modelling and experimental validation

P4/34: Ischemic injury of endothelium, oxidation of LDL and artherothrombosis

P4/35: Theory of the norm and democratic regulation


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