Scientific support programme PRODEX

The PROgramme for the Development of scientific EXperiments (PRODEX) is an optional programme of ESA in which Belgium, as member state of ESA, participates since 1988. The purpose of PRODEX is to provide (co-)funding for the development, the operation and the exploitation of scientific instruments and experiments in the framework of the space programmes of ESA, as well as, under certain conditions, of other space agencies.

One of the objectives of PRODEX is to foster collaboration between on the one hand scientific institutes and universities, and on the other hand industrial companies.

Five Fields of Research are covered: Space Sciences, Space Exploration, Earth Observation, Life and Physical Sciences in Space, Space Safety.

Photo: ESA

Funding can be provided during the full life cycle of a scientific instrument or experiment for hardware development, science development, science operations, data exploitation.

Scientists interested in submitting a PRODEX Project via BELSPO are invited to first carefully read the Belgian Guidelines for the PRODEX Programme.


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Werner Verschueren
Space Research & Applications