State aid for Research, Development and Innovation within the framework of Airbus programs

The Federal Aviation Platform supports the Belgian aeronautical industry in its participation in the various Airbus programs.

The development costs or “Non Recurring Costs” (NRC) which accompany this kind of Airbus projects can be very high. The Federal Aviation Platform (collaboration between the FPS Economy and the PPS Scientific Policy) finances these one-off costs (NRC) by means of reimbursable advances, in accordance with European regulations. Within this platform, the Directorate General Research & Space of the PPS Science Policy is responsible for the technical and scientific aspects of State aid.

Projects can be supported according to one of the different funding scenarios [in Dutch or French].

For the introduction of an R&D&I state aid dossier within the framework of AIRBUS programs, directives [in Dutch or French] have been formulated [second call for projects, closed on 28/2/2020].