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The Belgian Space Industry

Thanks to the efforts of the Federal science policy, and largely via the R&D activities of the ESA, Belgian industry plays a significant role within the European space sector.

Over forty manufacturers are regularly active in this area, with a total workforce of around 1300 persons.
The most important industrial actors are Newtec, Thales Alenia Space Belgium, QinetiQ Space nv, SABCA, Techspace Aero, Spacebel, Trasys, RHEA, Vitrociset.

Three associations bring together the Belgian manufacturers active in the space field:

One project among many is the construction in Belgium of the ESA´s first small satellite: the PROBA satellite, created under the project management of the Verhaert firm.

The mission of the PROBA satellite is a technological experiment to demonstrate the on-board autonomy of a generic platform which can be used for small-scale scientific missions or application missions. The launch took place in October 2001 and it has remained operational to the present day.

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