Belgian Space Law

National Register for space objects

This register is established and updated in accordance with the Law of 17 September 2005 on the activities of launching, flight operation or guidance of space objects (as revised by the Law of 1 December 2013), in particular with the provisions of its Chapter V, as well as in accordance with the royal decree of 19 March 2008 for the execution of some provisions of that law.

Entries on the register are subject, together with other information and data related to the space object, to notification to the United Nations Secretary General, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Treaty of 27 January 1967 on Principles governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and other Celestial Bodies, with the provisions of the United Nations Convention of 14 January 1975 on Registration of Objects launched into Outer Space, as well as with the Recommendations on enhancing the practice of States and international intergovernmental organizations in registering space objects, as expressed by United Nations General Assembly Resolution nr 62/101, of 17 December 2007.

The National Register for Space Objects only features the following objects:

  • those whose launch has been performed by order from the Belgian State or from an entity entitled to represent the State to that purpose by law or by contract;
  • those used in a mission which has been procured by the Belgian State through total or partial funding.

The information featured on the register is published without prejudice to third parties' rights.