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Symposium - Sex Offenders in and out of Crime (SOC)

This Symposium addresses a number of stereotypes and common ideas about sex offenders. First of all, is it true that sex offenders continue to commit (the same type of) sex offences over and over again? How is the recidivism of sex offenders to be compared to that of non-sex offenders? Do their criminal careers differ strongly from non-sexual offenders? Furthermore, are sex offenders an especially incorrigible group of offenders? Can they desist from crime, especially from sexual crimes, or are they beyond redemption? What perspectives does the scientific evidence provide to policy and practice?
During the Symposium, world-renowned experts in the study of sex offenders will tackle these issues and will provide the state of the art about recidivism, criminal careers, desistance and lessons that can be drawn from research. Furthermore, next to the international state of affairs, the empirical results of Belgian (and Dutch) research will be presented.
This conference is aimed at researchers, practitioners (therapists, sexologists, prison personnel, probation staff, organizations involved in the reintegration of offenders,…), policy-makers and a wider audience of people with an interest in the topic.

Past Events

30 November 2017
Quelles politiques de lutte contre les violences conjugales?
Regards sociohistorique et ethnographique

Conférence de Elisa HERMAN
Auteure de l’ouvrage Lutter contre les violences conjugales. Féminisme, travail social, politique publique paru en 2016 aux Presses Universitaires de Rennes.
La conférence se tiendra le jeudi 30 novembre 2017 de 16h30 à 18h30, dans l’auditoire du SPF Justice, boulevard de Waterloo, 115, 1000 Bruxelles.
L’objectif du projet «Violences entre partenaires: impact, processus, évolution et politiques publiques» est d’étudier les violences entre partenaires tant sous l’angle de l’impact du phénomène et de la complexité des processus en jeux que sous celui des politiques publiques développées en la matière en Belgique. La recherche IPV-PRO&POL regroupe quatre équipes scientifiques de la VUB, de l’UCL et de ULiège, sous la coordination de l’INCC. Elle est mise en oeuvre grâce à un financement de BELSPO (Politique scientifique fédérale) dans le cadre du programme BRAIN.BE et s’étalera sur quatre années à partir de septembre 2017.

8 June 2017
Conference on Low Carbon Policy Instruments

  • When? The 8th of June 2017 (9:00 a.m -18:30 p.m)
  • Where? At the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
    (Rue Vautier 29 -1000 Brussels)
  • Deadline for registration: the 3rd of June 2017
  • Programme

28, 29 and 30 September 2016
Indian Summer School

Le Projet JAM – Justice And Management : the stakes for the transition to a modernized judicial est le fruit d’une collaboration entre l’Université d’Anvers, l’Université de Liège et l’Institut national de Criminalistique et de Criminologie. Il s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme de recherche BRAIN-be, financé par la Politique scientifique fédérale BELSPO. L’objectif de cette recherche est d’analyser et de rendre compte de la dynamique transformationnelle qui anime les organisations judiciaire et policière belges et des aspects les moins apparents des plans de réforme, en adoptant un triple point de vue: celui des parties prenantes externes, des chefs de corps – managers et des acteurs de terrain

Het Project JAM - Justice And Management: the stakes for the transition to a modernized judicial is het resultaat van een samenwerking tussen de Universiteit van Antwerpen, de Universiteit van Luik en het Nationaal Instituut voor Criminalistiek en Criminologie. Het maakt deel uit van het onderzoeksprogramma BRAIN-be, dat gefinancierd wordt door het Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid BELSPO. Dat onderzoek heeft tot doel het analyseren en omschrijven van de transformationele processen die de Belgische gerechtelijke en politionele organisaties vorm geven en van de minder zichtbare aspecten van de hervormingsplannen, en dit door middel van drie verschillende invalshoeken: van de externe betrokken partijen, van de korpsoversten – managers en van de mensen op het terrein.

28-29 April 2016
Colloquium 'Advanced Tools for Preventive Conservation'

Royal Museums of Art and History
Cinquantenaire Park 10 Brussels B-1000
The partners of the AIRCHECQ project will present their midterm results.
At the same time, national and international experts are invited to present and discuss topics that play an important role in preventive conservation.
For more information, read the scope of our colloquium.
All presentations will be held in English

3 March 2016
Seminar: Work/Life and Time
Presentation of a merging datasets on working conditions, hours and work/life arrangement

Location: UCL - Place Montesquieu 1 - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve - Room Lecl 93

    • Information and programme
    • Final Report: A database on working conditions, hours and arrangements
      • 2016-03-03 - Final Report
      • 2016-03-03 - Annexes
        This appendix contains the working papers being written during the LFS&TIME project. The purpose of the working papers (WP) was to investigate the reliability of the LFS in capturing ‘the labour force’ by conducting a thorough literature study on the concept of work and formulating variables to be used in analyses (WP1), to investigate the validity of the LFS in capturing working hours, working times and working schedules (WP2 and WP3), and to demonstrate the strength of a merged LFS&TIME database by studying test cases that use elements of all three databases included (LFS, WG and TUS) (WP4-6): 1) hormwork supervision, 2) feeling of being rushed by time and 3) subordinate flexibility. These working papers serve the attainment of the goals specified in the LFS&TIME project outline and thus form an integral part of the project and do not serve as stand alone documents. Please always refer to the project when using results from these papers.
    • Presentations

@ Brussels Museum
Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy and Experimental Archaeology
More information

Information sessions
Information and networking sessions have been held
on 2nd and 5th December 2014
at BELSPO, Avenue Louise 231 Louizalaan, 1050 Brussels.
Programme [Dutch or French]

"5de Assessment Report van het IPCC – deel 2: Impact, Adaptatie en Kwetsbaarheid." Conclusies en adaptatiemaatregelen in België

"5ème rapport d’évaluation du GIEC – partie 2: Changements climatiques: impacts, adaptation et vulnérabilité". Conclusions et actions en Belgique.

organized Tuesday 6th May 2014 (9 AM–1 PM),
Eurostation – Room Storck - Ernest Blerotstraat 1 Rue Ernest Blerot – 1070 Brussels

Stakeholdersmeeting sur le thème "5ème rapport d’évaluation du GIEC – partie 1: la base scientifique". Quelles implications pour la Belgique?

Stakeholdersmeeting over het thema "5de Assessment Report van het IPCC – deel 1: de wetenschappelijke basis". Welke implicaties voor België?

organized Friday 6th December 2013 at BELSPO,
Avenue Louise 231 Louizalaan - 1050 Brussels

Information sessions
Information and networking sessions have been held
on 28th February and 1st March 2013
at BELSPO, Avenue Louise 231 Louizalaan, 1050 Brussels.
Programme [Dutch or French]

Information sessions
Information and networking sessions have been held
on 13th and 18th December 2012
at BELSPO, Avenue Louise 231 Louizalaan, 1050 Brussels.
- Programme 13-12-2012 [Dutch or French]
- Programme 18-12-2012 [Dutch or French]
- Presentation [Dutch and French]

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