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Fourth Call 2024

Deze vierde oproep omvat de volgende 6 onderzoekthema's:
1. CYBER - Short-term Mitigation Techniques for Software Resilience 2. Securing critical Maritime Infrastructure
3..Improved Underwater Communications between Sensors/Weapon Systems and Data systems to Render Data into Actionable Data
4. Next-Generation Vision and Sensor Fusion
5. Prolonged Forward Casualty Care
6: Open Call: Research on Innovative and Future-Oriented Defence Solutions

Third Call 2023
Deze derde oproep omvat de volgende 5 onderzoekthema's:
1. CYBER – Automated certification of software
2. Autonomous systems – Human-machine Teaming
3. Open theme SMEs - Research on innovative and future-oriented defence solutions with specific interest for CBRN-Medical Response, Decontamination and Protection and Weapon Systems - Improved ammunition systems
4. Advanced sensor technologies - Radar and (multi)-sensor systems
5. Materials - Protective characteristics

Second Call 2022
Omvat de volgende vier thema’s:
1. Space weather for security and defence applications
2. 5/6G for military, security and crisis applications
3. Sustainable and "green" energy applications for military use
4. Preventive medicine for improved soldier fitness

First Call 2021
Omvat de volgende drie thema's:
1. NEET: Employment of NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) for Belgian Defence
2. SEHS: Small Energy Harvesting systems for Defence applications
3. SPACE: Space technologies for Defence applications