Postdoc fellowships to non-EU researchers

- The Postdoc Fellowships to non-EU researchers are definitively stopped. No more call will be organised. -

In a nutshell...

The stimulation of international mobility and the attraction of researchers from abroad is one of the priorities of the European Research Area.

In this context and intending to stimulate the S&T cooperation, the Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) does implement a fellowship scheme for highly qualified non EU researchers (i.e. postdoctoral level or equivalent experience), granting them an opportunity to work during 6 to 18 months in a Belgian research team.

This initiative started in 1991. Till now already 750 fellowships were granted:

  • Number of fellowships per country and per year: till 2016
  • Number of fellowships per country and per year: till 2005


ALMEIDA José Effect of defects in interface-dominated composite materials: a multiscale modeling approach
(ULg - Prof. Jean-Philippe PONTHOT)
CEASAR Stanislaus Structure/function analysis of the zinc transporter HMA4 in Arabidopsis relatives
(ULg - Prof. Moreno GALLENI)
KAUR Balwinder Development of Carbonaceous Based Nanostructured Materials: An Electrochemical Route to Illicit Drugs Biosensing (UA - Prof. Karolein DE WAEL)
LAN Jie An innovative approach to study the role of RNA epigenetics in cancer
(ULB - Prof. Jean-François FUKS)
MAKANZU Fils Developing strategies for natural hazard data collection in a poorly developed region with very low capacity
(RMCA - Dr. François KERVYN)
MIZHER Ana Magnetic field in heavy ion collisions: effects on observables
(KUL - Prof. David DUDAL)          
PADHYE Sameer Effects of temperature increase, dispersal and community context on genetic and community traitenvironment matching in zooplankton, and its consequences on ecosystem functioning
(KUL - Prof. Luc DE MEESTER)
RIAL Daniel         Characterization of synaptic modifications and autism-like behaviour induced by mTOR genetic inactivation in the direct pathway of the basal ganglia system 
(ULB - Prof. Jean-Louis SCHIFFMANN)
SHEET Debobrata                             High density of catalytic active sites covalently grafted onto carbon nanotubes or graphene sheets: from mono-catalysis to multi-catalytic systems  (UCL - Prof. Alain JONAS)
VITENTI Sandro A numerical library for exploring the primordial universe
(UCL - Prof. Christophe RINGEVAL)
WANG  Kun Specificity in brassinosteroid signaling
(UGent/VIB - Prof. Elena RUSSINOVA)   
WANTIM Mabel Investigating volcanic unrest at Mount Cameroon Volcano, West-Central Africa using Remote Sensing techniques
(VUB - Prof. Matthieu KERVYN)
ZUO Juan Tree diversity effects on soil-related forest ecosystem functions along a climate gradient
(KUL - Prof. Bart MUYS)

BARSON Maxwell The role of southern African bulinid snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in transmission of human and animal schistosomiasis and other trematode infections
(MRAC - Dr. Tine HUYSE)
BASU Rudranil Holography of flat space: Entropy and Entanglement
(ULB - Prof. Stéphane DETOURNAY)
DA COSTA Ionara The contribution of business to sustainable food systems: Food4Sustainability in market perspective
(UCL - Prof. Olivier DE SCHUTTER)
GUO Wei A novel concept for assessment of dissolved organic pollutants in aquatic systems
(VUB - Prof. Yue GAO)
KARINKUZHI Drisya Abundance determination in carbon-enriched objects
(ULB - Prof. Alain JORISSEN)
MAJUMDAR Gaurav Do thyroid hormones play a role in photoperiod induced neuroplasticity and neurogenesis in seasonal songbirds?
(UA - Prof. Annemie VANDERLINDEN)
MANDAL Manoj Kumar Next-to-leading order calculation for loop induced processes at LHC
(UCL - Prof. Fabio MALTONI)
MEI Zhixing There-Dimensional Numerical Experiments of Flare-CME-Current sheet symbiosis Due to Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection Processes in Solar Corona
(KUL - Prof. Rony KEPPENS)
QI Linlin Identification and characterisation of proteins that regulate terpenoid metabolism and control tomato growth and development
(UGent - Prof. Alain GOOSSENS)
QIU Zhifeng Game-theoretic based optimization technique in large scale networked systems with the applications to smart grids
RANA Chinar Control of viscous fingering by chemical reactions and non-ideal mixing effects
(ULB - Prof. Anne DE WIT)
SHARMA Isha Insights into Clathrin-mediated endocytosis of BRI1 under salt stress
(UGent  - Prof. Elena RUSSINOVA)
TIWARI Manish Unravelling brassinosteroid signaling events by studying the interactome of BIN2 during stomata development in Arabidopsis
(UGent - Prof. Elena RUSSINOVA)
YU Meng-Jiuan Numerical modelling on the impact of offshore sand extraction for beach nourishment project
(KUL - Prof. Erik TOORMAN)
YUE Kun Receptor-like kinase ACR4 regulates stem cell-ness via controlling cell walls properties
(UGent - Prof. Tom BEECKMAN)

ANCHERBAK Sergiy Mass Transfer in Ternary Liquid Systems
(ULB - Prof. Frank DUBOIS)
DUDENKO Dmytro Designing new donor-acceptor conjugated polymers for high energy conversion solar cells
(UMons - Prof. Roberto LAZZARONI & Prof. David BELJONNE)
ELHADIDY Mohamed Genotypic Diversity of Campylobacter jejuni Isolates from Food and Human Sources, and Relative expression Profiling of Stress- and Virulence-Related Genes in Simulated Gastrointestinal Conditions
(WIV-ISP - Dr. Katelijne DIERICK)
EWÉDJÈ Eben-Ezer Reconstructing the history of African rainforest dynamics around the Dahomey Gap using full chloroplast sequencing of widespread tree species
(ULB - Prof. Olivier HARDY)
GUO Yang MHD Simulations on Solar Magnetic Flux Rope Eruptions
(KULeuven - Prof. Rony KEPPENS)
HAN Chao Functional analylsis of the TOR pathway in plants through protein interactome and phosphoproteome analysis
(UGent-VIB - Prof. Dirk INZÉ)
IÑIGO Sabrina Characterization of the role of truncated haemoglobins in the regulation of plant growth and interaction with the environment
(UGent-VIB - Prof. Dirk INZÉ)
ISMAIL Mohammed Role of aquaporins in membrane diffusion of hydrogen peroxide in plant cells
(UCL - Prof. Marc BOUTRY)
KUPRIYANOVA Elena Mathematical Modeling of MHD Processes and Multiwavelength Diagnostics of Plasma in Solar Flaring Loops
MOSENKOV Aleksandr Modeling the structure of edge-on spiral galaxies
(UGent - Prof. Maarten BAES)
PAGUICAN Engielle The influence of erosion and tectonics on the morphology and growth of stratovolcanoes: An application to the Philippines
(VUB - Prof. Matthieu KERVYN)
QIU Hao Development of bioavailability-based models for rationalizing and reconciling laboratory and field determinations of uptake and toxicity of metal mixtures in soil
(KULeuven - Prof. Erik SMOLDERS)
SHARMA Richa Towards urban climate projections

ALAM Iftekhar Plant, transport ATPase, plasma membrane, regulation, cell size (Plant physiology)
(UCL - Dr. Marc BOUTRY)
Final Report
BARIMA Yao Sadaiou Sabas Local air pollution, particulate matter, bioindicator, plant biomonitoring, tropical area (Environmental biology)
(UAntwerpen - Prof. Roeland SAMSON)
FALLAHGOUL Hassan Heavy tails, stable distributions, inference, elliptical distributions, simulated quantiles (Statistics
Final Report
GOSH Manosij Genotoxicity, Epigenetics nanotoxicology, TiO2 nanoparticles in epithelial cell cultures (Toxicology)
(KULeuven - Prof. dr. Lode GODDERIS)
Final Report
GROSSE Pablo Volcanology, geomorphometry, analogue experiments, digital elevation models, central Africa (Geology)
(VUB - Prof. Matthieu KERVYN)
Final Report
HAMIDI-ASL Ezat Biosensor, aptamer, environmentaly molecules, aquaculture, nanobiotechnology (Chemistry)
(UAntwerpen -Prof. Karolien DE WAEL & Prof. Ronny BLUST)
Final Report
HAN Zheng Metabolic profiling; Aspergillus flavus; gene; identification; mutant (Food Science and Technology)
(UGent - Prof. Dr. Sarah DE SAEGER)
Final Report

Arabidopsis, auxin, ARFs, cell division plane, microtubules(Plant biology)
(UGent - Prof. Dirk INZE)
Final Report

MORAVVEJI Ehsan Asteroseismology, massive stars, numerical modelling, spectroscopy, photometry (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
(KULeuven - Prof. Dr. Conny AERTS)
Final Report
NAEEM Anila Urban regeneration, Sustainable development, Restoration and preventive conservation, Urban area conservation, Traditional materials and building techniques (Historic Preservation/ Urban Studies)
(KULeuven - Prof. Dr. Koenraad VAN BALEN)
Final Report
NEHME Carole Climate reconstruction of the last interglacial - Implications for the regional environment in the context of global warming
SATTI Angel José Polymer chemistry, supramolecular systems, sequence control in polymers, folding of polymer chains, single chain nanotechnology (Organic (and polymer) Chemistry)
(UGent - Prof. Filip DU PREZ)
Final Report
SHUKLA Priyanka Chemo-hydrodynamics, physical chemistry, reaction-driven flows, CO2 sequestration, fingering(Physical chemistry)
(ULB - Prof. Anne DE WIT)
Final Report
ZHANG Ya Plasma physics, plasma chemistry, computer simulations, microdischarges, atmospheric pressure plasmas (Physical Chemistry; Plasma Physics)
(UAntwerpen - Prof. Dr. Annemie BOGAERTS)
Final Report

CHOWDURY Qmruzzaman Mangrove, Cambial marking, Tropical dendrochronology, World Heritage site, Sundarbans, Bangladesh (Forest ecology, dendrochronology)
Final Report
GRYSHKOVA Vitalina Thrombopoietin receptor, homodimerization, PI3K signalling pathway (Mol. biol., cancer biol.)
Final Report
HIGUTI Janet Taxonomy, biodiversity, New species, introduced species, indigenous species, pleuston ,(Taxonomy, Ecology)
Final Report
INIGO Sabrina Jasmonates, Growth, Defence, Arabidopsis, Signal Transduction, Ubiquitin ligases, Protein degradation and modification, Hormonal cross-talk (Mol.biol,gen.)
(UGent - Profs. Dirk INZE & Alain GOOSSENS)
Final Report
JIANG Wei Plasma Physics; Numerical Methods Development; Astrophysics
(KULeuven - Prof. Giovanni LAPENTA)
Final Report
KOTHAMASI David Manohar Ecto mycorrhiza, endomycorrhiza, gamma radiation, uranium, effects (Biogeochem., plant radiation)
(SCK-CEN - Dr. Hildegarde VANDENHOVE)
Final Report
LUO Yu Plant hormones, brassinosteroids, receptor-like kinases, BRII, endocytosis, receptor signalling, ARF-GEF (Plant. biol. plant growth)
(UGent - Prof. Dirk INZE)
Final Report
MADLALA Paradise Zamokuhle HIV-1, Elite Controllers, host factors, role of cofactors Ethical issue on humans & privacy (Mol. virol.,gen.)
(KULeuven - Prof. Zeger DEBYSER)
Final Report
MIDYA Bikashkali Quantum scattering theory, nuclear astrophysics(Quantum Phys.)
Final Report
MOHAMMADI Mohammad Hossein Soil hydrology, Soil hydrogeophysics, Soil bio-geochemical cycle (Hydrogeophys.. monitoring & modelling)
(UCL - Prof. Marnik VANCLOOSTER)
NANDI Sumana Radio astronomy, radio galaxies, active galaxies, jets, active galactic nuclei, optical photometry, spectroscopy, radio interferometry (Astrophys.)
(UGent - Prof. Maarten BAES)
Final Report
PIMVICHAI Piyatida Phylogeny, taxonomy, biogeography, biodiversity, millipedes, Southeast Asia, DNA barcoding (Mol. biol., taxonomy)
Final Report
PUGACH Xenia Molecular biology, regulation of gene expression, telomeres, signalling cascades, epigenetics, mathematical modelling (Mol.biol., gen., modell.)
(KULeuven - Profs Patrick VAN DIJCK & Kevin VERSTREPEN)
Final Report
QIAN Ye Atomic force microscopy, polymer brushes, nano-patterning, local catalysis (Chem. Phys.,Polymers, Nanotechnol. & catalysis)
(UCL - Prof. Alain JONAS)
Final Report
ROY Rupak Supernovae, Optic. Photom., Spectroscopy, Radio, Liquid mirror telescope (Astrophys.)
(ULg - Prof. Jean SURDEJ)
Final Report
SPERANSKAYA Elena Quantum dots, rapid immunoassay, screening, mycotoxin (Biochem)
(Ugent - Prof. Sarah DE SAEGER)
Final Report
TANCO Sebastian Cytosolic carboxypeptidases – Proteomics – Polyglutamylation – Deglutamylases – Tubulin - Neurodegeneration (Mol. Pharmacol.)
(UGent - Profs. Jan Tavernier, Kris GEVAERT & Petra VAN DAMME)
Final Report
VARGAS CASILLAS Alejandro Optimization, feedback control, state estimation, bioenergy (Control of biochem. syst.)
Final Report
ZHANG Zhenxing Quantum dots, thin film deposition, light emitting diodes, smart light sources, photonic integration (Theor. phys., optics)
(UGent - Prof. Zeger HENS)
Final Report
ZHOU Qiuju NMR, MRI, MRS, molecular imaging, Carbon-13 spectroscopy, D-[13C]mannoheptulose, GLUT2-expressing cells
(UMONS - Prof. Robert MULLER)
Final Report

ADARSH Nayarassery Design, synthesis, structural and porosity characterization of novel functional MOFs with amino acid azole based ligands
(UCL - Prof. Y. GARCIA)
Final Report
AKHUNOV Talat Observational and theoretical studies of gravitational lens systems
(ULg - Prof. J. SURDEJ)
Final Report
AZADI NASRABAD Hossein Monitoring agricultural land conversion induced by urban sprawl and transportation in Northeast Iran
(UGent - Prof. F. WITLOX)
Final Report
BASTAMI Hajieh Large area synthesis of luminescent materials by low temperature techniques
(UGent - Prof. D. POELMAN)
BOCHKOV Andrey Mites of the family Psoroptidae (Acariformes: Astigmata) – permanent parasites of mammals: phylogeny, host-parasite relationships, and systematics
Final Report
CHEN YAN Wendy Valuation of Ecosystem Services of Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecosystems
Final Report
DOLGIKH Anton Out of Equilibrium Quantum Chemistry in Liouville-Fock Space
(ULB - Prof. D. KOSOV)
Final Report
EWANGO EKOKINYA Corneille COBAPLANT : Congo basin plant diversity and carbon stocks: a latitudinal comparison in the Yangambi and Okapi UNESCO reserves (DR CONGO)
GOSH Santosh Compact post-quantum public key cryptographic processors
(KULeuven - Prof. I. VERBAUWHEDE)
Final Report
GUMOVSKY Oleksy A revision of Afrotropical genera of Entedoninae
Final Report
JAHANGIR Ahmad Rather  Sensors for Detection of Endocrine Disruptors in Wastewater and Sludge and Their Treatment Using Green Technology
(UA - Profs. K. DE WAEL & R. VAN GRIEKEN )
Final Report
LENKA Haraprasana Krushna C. Ion beam analysis of gas cluster ion beam assisted Ge-Si-Ni heterostructures
(KULeuven - Prof. Ch. VAN HAESENDONCK)
LONKAR Sunil Parshuram Nano-Engineered Bioplastics for ‘Active' Packaging
(UMONS - Prof. Ph. DUBOIS)
Final Report
MARTIROSYAN Alina Possible protective effects of food phenolic compounds on the potentially deleterious interaction of nanoparticles with the human intestinal barrier in vitro
(UCL - Prof. Prof. Y.- J. SCHNEIDER)
Final Report
PACHECO Felipe Granular clustering in non-linear systems
Final Report
RAHEEM Dinazarde Chirantenne Species diversification in a tropical rainforest land-snail fauna
Final Report

A Systematic Revision of the Land Snails of the Western Ghats of India
RITTER Andrés Characterization of the molecular mechanisms of plant growth regulation by jasmonate oxylipins in Arabidopsis thaliana
(UGent - Prof. D. INZE)
Final Report
SUNIL Adavanal Peter Kinetic Gas Separation using Small Pore Metal Organic Frameworks
(VUB - Prof. G. BARON)
Final Report
TEWARI Rajesh Kumar Unravelling mode of action of ionising radiation induced adverse effects in Arabidopsis thaliana through transcriptomic and proteomic profiling
Final Report
TAYLOR Jonathan Charles COZADIMO: Preliminary study of diatoms as potential water quality bio-indicators for the tropical Congo and Zambezi sister basins
Final Report
WANG Wu Secondary organic aerosol from isoprene: smog chamber studies, development of analytical methodology for isoprene-related organosulfates, and application to ambient fine forest aerosol
(UA - Prof. M. CLAEYS)
Final Report
WANG Linjun Exciton transport and dissociation at organic interfaces: A microscopic picture
Final Report
ZHAO Shuxia Computer modelling of plasmas used for etching applications in the microelectronics industry
(UA - Prof. Prof. A. BOGAERTS)
Final Report
ARMENTEROS ALMANZA Maickel Integrative taxonomy of the family Linhomoeidae (Nematoda: Monhysterida)
Final Report
BADALYAN Samvel Spin-orbit and many-body interaction in semiconductor nanostructures
(UA - Prof. F. PEETERS)
Final Report
BANDE Omprakash Pundlikrao Synthesis of Lipid I and Lipid II monophosphate analogues of Moenomycin for inhibition of transglycosylases
(KULeuven - Prof. P. HERDEWIJN)
Final Report
BELOGLAZOVA Natalia Strategy for masked mycotoxin screening
(UGent - Prof. S. DE SAEGER & Prof. C. VAN PETEGHEM)
Final Report
BHARATIYA Bhavesh Use of supramolecular interactions to control the self-assembly and properties of micellar gels
(UCL - Prof. A. JONAS)
Final Report
CAKIRLAR Canan Adoption of Domesticates and Domestic Technologies in Neolithic Western Anatolia : An Inter-regional Archaeozoological Study
Final Report
COSTAMAGNA Sebastián Electrical transport in nanostructures
(UA - Prof. Prof. F. PEETERS)
Final Report
DOGLIOTTI Ana Inès Satellite mapping of the La Plata river plume (BELCOLOUR-ARG)
Final Report
FIGUEROA Maximiliano Enzymatic functionalization of an artificial barrel protein
(ULg - Prof. J. MARTIAL)
Final Report
GUPTA Dharmendra Kumar Investigation of arsenic and uranium accumulation potential and resulting biological responses in selected plants
Final Report
GUZENKO Nataliia Modeling the water vapour isotherm in order to understand the influence of pre-adsorbed water on filter breakthrough performance
(KMS-ERM - Colonel Peter LODEWYCKX)
Final Report
HIGUTI Janet A comparison between the ostracod (Crustacea, Ostracoda) faunas of the Panatanal and the Upper Parana River floodplains (Brazil)
Final Report
KAVITHA Amalin Nanoscale ordering of nanoparticles in in situ prepared diblock copolymers by reactive processing
(ULg - Prof. C. JEROME)
Final Report
KONI MULUWA Joseph Language history and population dynamics in the Kwilu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Final Report
KUMAR SAHA Srijan Engineering ferroelectricity and multiferroism in oxide nanostructures
(ULg - Prof. Ph. GHOSEZ)
Final Report
LAZENKA Vera V. Nanoscale magnetism tuned by local electrical fields in multiferroics
(KULeuven - Prof. V. MOSHCHALKOV)
Final Report
LEJJU Julius Bunny Fossil phytolith tracers of important African food crops : a calibration and validation study in western Uganda
(UGent - Prof. D. VERSCHUREN)
Final Report
LE Quynh Lien Expressing multiple T-cell epitopes in planta for specific immunotherapy
(VUB - Prof. G. ANGENON)
Final Report
LIU Rong Stability of Intensively Evaporating Liquid Film with Co-current Gas Flow
(ULB - Prof. O. KABOV)
Final Report
LU Jiangbo Magnetic and Microstructural Study of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
Final Report
MOLINA VERDUGO Armando Impact of Forest Cover Change on Water Supplies in the Headwaters of the Ecuadorian Amazon
(UCL - Prof. E. LAMBIN)
Final Report
OLVERA-CARRILLO Yadira Dissection of developmentally controlled cell death in aborting ovules of Arabidopsis thaliana
(VIB - UGent - Prof. D. INZE)
Final Report
SALANENKA Yuliya Dissecting the molecular control of programmed cell death during plant seed development and germination
(UGent - Prof. D. INZE)
Final Report
SONG Suqan Multi-analyte approach for detection of relevant mycotoxin biomarkers of exposure
(UGent - Prof. S. DE SAEGER)
Final Report
XU Xuewen Studying the role of ectopic PEG11 expression in the determinism of the callipyge muscular hypertrophy and of the long non coding RNA genes GTL2 and RIAN in mediating the trans-effect underlying polar overdominance
(ULg - Prof. M. GEORGES)
Final Report
YANG Bang-hua A detailed assessment of the behavioural stability of decision rules in the context of transportation behaviour
(UHasselt - Prof. G. WETS)
Final Report

During 4 years, from 2010 to 2013, this project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n°246540, under the FP7-PEOPLE-COFUND-2008