CIS-CFS ("International Co-operation" Commission and "Federal Co-operation" Commission)

The ICC (International Co-operation" Commission) and the FCC ("Federal Co-operation" Commission) are two permanent Commissions of the IMCSP responsible for handling on the administrative level the consultation on matters of interest to the Federal Authority and the Federated Entities, respectively at the international level and at the Belgian level (IMCSP). They are made up of senior officials representing the federal, community and regional authorities.

Legal basis

Concertation groups

The "International Co-operation" Commission (ICC) and the "Federal Co-operation" Commission (FCC) constituted a series of specialised concertation groups. Those of the CIS have been given responsibility for preparing the position of the Belgian delegation in the international meetings, notably the programme committees of the EU framework programme.

The lists of the consultation groups of Horizon Europe are currently being updated.

Out of H2020 Topics Federal Science Policy responsible
INTER Extra-Europe R&I co-operation activities under the bilateral and multilateral agreements (Europe and ERA in particular) Brigitte Decadt
CPST OECD - activities of Science & Technology Policy Committee Karl Boosten
COST COST (European cooperation in Science and Technology) is an intergovernmental European framework for international co-operation between nationally funded research activities Pascale Van Dinter
GPC Joint programming on European level Martine Vanderstraeten
EUREKA Intergovernmental funding initiative for pan-European research and development to reinforce the competetiveness of the European industry Margarida Freire

FCC Concertation Groups Topics Federal Science Policy responsible
STAT Inventory and statistics in the field of research and experimental development Geert Van Mellaert
CIS CFS Open Science Stimulation, interoperability, survey and reporting in the field of Open Access to scientific research results Eric Laureys


Federal, Interfederal and International Coordination