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BRAIN-be (Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks)


  • Responsible(s) Federal Science Policy:
    David Cox, Aline Van der Werf, Claudine Belleflamme, Lieve Lenaerts, Aurore Delis, Anne Fierens, Maaike Vancauwenberghe, Georges Jamart, Emmanuèle Bourgeois, Annelies Somers, Christine Mathieu, Aziz Naji, Martine Vanderstraeten, Aurore Delis, Lieve Lenaerts
  • Final decision of the Ministers Council: 5/10/2012
  • Duration of the research: 1/1/2013 - 31/12/2017
  • Research projects: 139


On 5th October 2012, the Council of Ministers approved the launch of the first phase (2012-2017) of the recurrent framework programme for research, BRAIN-be (Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks).

This framework programme allows through the funding of research projects based on scientific excellence and European and international anchorage to meet the needs for scientific knowledge of the federal departments and to support the scientific potential of the Federal Scientific Institutions (FSIs).


The framework programme is structured around 6 thematic areas:

1. Ecosystems, biodiversity, evolution
2. Geosystems, universe and climate
3. Cultural, historical and scientific heritage,
4. Federal public strategies
5. Major societal challenges
6. Management of collections

BRAIN-be is open to the whole Belgian scientific community: universities, public scientific institutions and non-profit research centres.

The framework programme is based on the financing of two types of research projects:
• Four-year network projects with the possibility of two-year projects and,
• Pioneer projects lasting a maximum of two years.

Each year a call for proposals is launched for these two types of research projects.

Research projects:

BR/121/A2/AfReSlide: Landslides in Equatorial Africa: Identifying culturally, technically and economically feasible resilience strategies (AfReSlide)

BR/121/A2/MASC: Modelling and Assessing Surface Change impacts on Belgian and Western European climate (MASC)

BR/121/A2/PAMEXEA: PAtterns and Mechanisms of EXtreme weather in East Africa (PAMEXEA)

BR/121/A2/QuakeRecNankai: Paleo-tsunami and earthquake records of ruptures along the Nankai Trough, offshore South-Central Japan (QuakeRecNankai)

BR/121/A2/STOCHCLIM: Improving the representation and prediction of climate processes through stochastic parameterization schemes (STOCHCLIM)

BR/121/A2/TILES: Transnational and Integrated Long-term Marine Exploitation Strategies (TILES)

BR/121/A3/4DEMON: 4 decades of Belgian marine monitoring: uplifting historical data to today's needs (4DEMON)

BR/121/A3/BAREO: Belgian Archaeological Expeditions to the Orient. Heritage in Federal Collections (BAREO)

BR/121/A3/ELINC: European lacquer in Context: art-historical, technological and chemical characterisation of European lacquer in Federal collections (ELINC)

BR/121/A3/GWB: The Great War from Below Multiple Mobility and Cultural Dynamics in Belgium (1900-1930) (GWB)

BR/121/A3/MEMEX WWI: Recognition and resentment : experiences and memories of the Great War in Belgium (MEMEX WWI)

BR/121/A3/PALEURAFRICA: Origin of the European modern faunas through Palaeogene Central Africa collections (PALEURAFRICA)

BR/121/A3/TIC-BELGIUM: Transnational Belgium. International social reform organisations and congresses, 1840-1914 (TIC-BELGIUM)

BR/121/A5/2GENDERS: Generation and Gender ENergy DEprivation: Realities and Social policies (2GENDERS)

BR/121/A5/CAUSINEQ: Causes of health and mortality inequalities in Belgium: multiple dimensions, multiple causes (CAUSINEQ)

BR/121/A5/CRESUS: Measuring and mobilizing wealth for a cohesive, inclusive and fair society (CRESUS)

BR/121/A5/FOOD4SUSTAINABILITY: Collective action for sustainable food systems in a changing climate: assessing social experimentations and policy innovations (FOOD4SUSTAINABILITY)

BR/121/A5/INTRAS: Inequalities in traffic safety (INTRAS)

BR/121/A5/MEQIN: Measuring equivalent incomes: The implementation of individual well-being measures from Belgian data (MEQIN)

BR/121/PI/BELPHG-21: Belgium Public Health Genomics: Methodology development linking ‘Health Survey’ and ‘Genomics’ data (BELPHG-21)

BR/121/PI/EES: Conservation, IF, UV and 3D-Imaging: the Egyptian Execration Statuettes of the RMAH (EES)

BR/121/PI/GENESORT: Is evolution repeatable? Introducing novel tools to unravel the genetics of parallel radiations (GENESORT)

BR/121/PI/GuilleMets: Disentangling the Masters of Guillebert de Mets: An Interdisciplinary Approach (GuilleMets)

BR/121/PI/NeoMI: A new environment for the organization of musical instruments (NeoMI)

BR/121/PI/Predisol: Characterization of active regions' time evolution in view of solar flare prediction (PREDISOL)

BR/121/PI/UAV_Reunion: UAV Deployment at Reunion Island for TCCON Calibration and Shipping Emissions Mapping (UAV_Reunion)

BR/13/MA/PONS: Project for the Operation and development of New Statistics in the DWH LM&SP (PONS)

BR/132/A1/AFRIFORD: Genetic and paleoecological signatures of African rainforest dynamics: pre-adapted to change? (AFRIFORD)

BR/132/A1/BELBEES: Multidiciplinary assessment of BELgian wild BEE decline to adapt mitigation management policy (BELBEES)

BR/132/A1/DIARS-BE: Detection of plant invasive species and assessment of their impact on ecosystem properties through remote sensing (DIARS-BE)

BR/132/A1/EXOTIC-BE: EXperimentally Orientated genomics to Tackle Insects adaptive Challenges during bioinvasions: the ladybird Harmonia axyridis as a model species (EXOTIC-BE)

BR/132/A1/FORBIOCLIMATE: Adaptation potential of biodiverse forests in the face of climate change (FORBIOCLIMATE)

BR/132/A1/GENBAS: Aspects comportementaux et génomiques de la spéciation des cichlides (GENBAS)

BR/132/A1/INVAXEN-BE: INVAsive biology og WENopus laievis in Europe ecology, impact and predictive models (INVAXEN-BE)

BR/132/A1/RESIPATH-BE: Responses of Europena Forests and Society to Invasive Pathogens (RESIPATH-BE)

BR/132/A1/VERSO: Ecosystem Responses to global change : a multiscale approach in the Southern Ocean (VERSO)

BR/132/A4/BCC: Measuring Cost and Impact of Cybercrime in Belgium (BCC)

BR/132/A4/Be-Gen: Understanding the operational, strategic, and political implications of the National Genetic Database (Be-Gen)

BR/132/A4/BEL-Ageing: Ageing, pension systems, fiscal sustainability and growth (BEL-Ageing)

BR/132/A4/BRAIN-TRAINS: BRAIN-TRansversal Assessment of Intermodal New Strategies (BRAIN-TRAINS)

BR/132/A4/HECTOR: Hybrid Electronic Curation, Transformation & Organization of Records (HECTOR)

BR/132/A4/INCh: Integrated networks to combat child poverty: a mixed methods research on network governance and perspectives of policy makers, social workers and families in poverty (INCh)

BR/132/A4/JAM: Justice and Management: the stakes for the transition to a modernized judicial (JAM)

BR/132/A6/AIRCHECQ: Air Identification Registration for Cultural Heritage: Enhancing Climate Quality (AIRCHECQ)

BR/132/A6/AQUARES: Aquatic species Register Exchange and Services (AQUARES)

BR/132/A6/ESMERIDA-BE: Effectiveness of methods against rising damp in buildings: European practice and perspective (ESMERIDA-BE)

BR/132/A6/EURO-MAGIC: A million pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artefacts in the Common European History of Learning (EURO-MAGIC)

BR/132/A6/GEPATAR: GEotechnical and Patrimonial Archives Toolbox for ARchitectural conservation in Belgium (GEPATAR)

BR/132/A6/LFS&TIME: A database on working conditions, hours and arrangements (LFS&TIME)

BR/132/A6/PAMIR: A Portal to Atmospheric and Marine Information Resources (PAMIR)

BR/132/A6/PRESPHOTO: Preservation of microalgae in BCCM collections (PRESPHOTO)

BR/132/A6/REDMONEST-BE1: Monitoring dynamic network for existing structures of concrete Cultural Patrimony (REDMONEST-BE1)

BR/132/A6/REDMONEST-BE2: Monitoring dynamic network for existing structures of concrete Cultural Patrimony (REDMONEST-BE2)

BR/132/PI/MAGICS: Mars Atmosphere Global Interactive Chemistry Simulator (MAGICS)

BR/132/PI/MELATIN-PRV: Mechanisms contributing to pseudorabies virus latency induction in domestic pigs in vivo (MELATIN-PRV)

BR/132/PI/PASTREE: New Plant Architectural Strategies and TerrestRialisation patterns in the Early Eifelian (PASTREE)

BR/132/PI/SMEAIS: Seismic Monitoring of the East-Antarctic Ice Sheet (SMEAIS)

BR/132/PI/TILAPIA: Tracing fish Introductions and LAteral Parasite transfer to Indigenous Aquatic fauna (TILAPIA)

BR/132/PI/VERONA: Van Eyck Research in OpeN Acces (VERONA)

BR/143/A2/AEROCLOUD: How do aerosols and clouds affect the East Antarctic climate? (AEROCLOUD)

BR/143/A2/BRASS: The Belgian Repository of fundamental Atomic data and Stellar Spectra (BRASS)

BR/143/A2/COME-INN: Constraining Mercury’s interior structure and evolution (COME-INN)

BR/143/A2/ COmbining Regional Downscaling EXpertise in Belgium: CORDEX and beyond (

BR/143/A2/INDI67: Developments of methods to improve the monitoring of MSFD indicators 6 and 7 (INDI67)

BR/143/A2/METRO: Meteor Trajectories and Origins (METRO)

BR/143/A2/NEWSTHEPS: New Sampling Tools for Heritage & Emerging Pollutants to facilitate GES assessment in the Marine Environment (NEWSTHEPS)

BR/143/A2/SCOOP: Vers une étude synergique de l'atmosphère des planètes telluriques (SCOOP)

BR/143/A2/STARLAB: Evolved stars and their shells: Laboratories for stellar physics (STARLAB)

BR/143/A3/COLDCASE: Re-opening of the Bernissart Iguanodon crime scene (COLDCASE)

BR/143/A3/CONGOCONNECT: Connections/Collections: objects and power institutions in north-east Congo (1800-1960) (CONGOCONNECT)

BR/143/A3/EACOM: Egyptian and African Copper Metallurgy in Federal Collections: Contextualisation, Preservation, Patrimonial Value (EACOM)

BR/143/A3/GRESP-HEALTH: Impact of green/blue spaces on specific morbidity and cause-specific mortality in Belgium (GRESP-HEALTH)

BR/143/A3/HERBAXYLAREDD: Interdisciplinary exploitation of the federal Herbarium and Xylarium for tropical forest management (HERBAXYLAREDD)

BR/143/A3/IMMIBEL: Outcast or Embraced? Clusters of Foreign Immigrants in Belgium, c. 1840-1890 (IMMIBEL)

BR/143/A3/JUSINBELLGIUM: A century of pioneering case-law. A digital database of Belgian precedents of international justice, 1914-2014 (JUSINBELLGIUM)

BR/143/A5/ALPI: Assessment of Low carbon society Policy Instruments (ALPI)

BR/143/A5/IDEALIC: Inclusion through Digital Empowerment and Autonomy across the Life Course (IDEALiC)

BR/143/A5/IECOMAT: Integrated economic modeling of material flows (IECOMAT)

BR/143/A5/LITME@WORK: Digital and media literacy in teamwork and distance work environments (LITME@WORK)

BR/153/A5/MADDLAIN: Identifying Needs to Modernize Access to Digital Data in Libraries and Archives (MADDLAIN)

BR/153/A5/SUSPENS: Reconciling environmental and social goals in the transition towards a low-carbon society (SUSPENS)

BR/154/A1/FaCE-It: Functional biodiversity in a Changing sedimentary Environment: Implications for biogeochemistry and food webs in a managerial setting (FaCE-It)

BR/154/A1/HIPE: Human impacts on ecosystem health and resources of Lake Edward (HIPE)

BR/154/A1/RECTO: Refugia and ecosystem tolerance in the Southern Ocean (RECTO)

BR/154/A1/WEATHER-MIC: How microplastic weathering changes its transport, fate and toxicity in the marine environment (WEATHER-MIC)

BR/154/A4/FLEXPUB: Next generation flexible public services : the geospatial case (FLEXPUB)

BR/154/A4/IPSWICH: In-work poverty and shifts in work, income, and the composition of households (IPSWICH)

BR/154/A4/MEHOBEL: The Measurement of homelessness in Belgium (MEHOBEL)

BR/154/A4/PSI-CO: PSI-CO : Public sector Innovation through collaboration

BR/154/A4/SOC: Sex offenders in and out of crime: recidivism, criminal careers and desistance (SOC)

BR/154/A4/TAKE: TAKE : Reducing poverty through improving take up of social policies

BR/154/A4/To²DeNano: Towards a toxicologically-relevant definition of nanomaterials (To²DeNano)

BR/154/A6/CHANGES-BE: Changes in cultural Heritage Activities: New Goals and benefits for Economy and Society (CHANGES)

BR/154/PI/IKARE: Improving Knowledge of the Amazon Rainforest Emissions (IKARE)

BR/154/PI/MOLPLAN: New cradles of molecules in interstellar space: planetary nebulae (MOLPLAN)

BR/154/PI/RAVEN: RAdar registrations of bird migration Validation through an interdisciplinary approach (RAVEN)

BR/154/PI/SOL3CAM: Camera for 3D, along the line-of-sight, simultaneous, imaging of the Sun (SOL3CAM)

BR/154/PI/SYMDIV: SYMDIV : Symbiont diversity and feeding strategies in insect agricultural pests

BR/154/PI/WINGS AND LINKS: WINGS AND LINKS : Interdisciplinary Research on Sculpted Altarpieces and Painted Wings

BR/164/A4/FACTAGE-BE: Fairer active ageing for Europe (FACTAGE-BE)

BR/165/A1/MICROBIAN: Microbial diversity and functioning in the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica (MICROBIAN)

BR/165/A1/TrIAS: Tracking Invasive Alien Species: Building a data-driven framework to inform policy (TrIAS)

BR/165/A2/CCSOM: Constraining CMEs and Shocks by Observations and Modelling throughout the inner heliosphere (CCSOM)

BR/165/A2/Mass2Ant: East Antarctic surface mass Balance in the Anthropocene: Observations and multiscale modelling (Mass2Ant)

BR/165/A2/RESPONSE: Reactive transport modelling of point source contamination in soils and groundwater (RESPONSE)

BR/165/A3/COBECORE: Congo basin eco-climatological data recovery and valorisation (COBECORE)

BR/165/A3/UGESCO: Upscaling the Geo-temporal Enrichment, exploration and exploitation of Scientific Collections (UGESCO)

BR/165/A4/CONRAD: Constructive analysis on the attitudes, policies and programmes that relate to radicalisation (CONJRAD)

BR/165/A4/IM²MEDIATE: Image of Immigrants in Media: Thought-provoking Effects (IM²MEDIATE)

BR/165/A4/IMMIGBEL: Improving the Labour Market Position of People with a Migration Background in Belgium (IMMIGBEL)

BR/165/PI/NPSSAY: Development and implementation of a new psychoactive substances receptor activation assay (NPSSAY)

BR/165/PI/PMOLLUGENIX-V2: Strategy to evaluate health risks of air pollution episodes in vulnerable individuals (PMOlluGENix-V2)

BR/165/PI/SACH4: Source attribution of methane using satellite observations, isotopic measurements and GEOS-Chem simulations (SACH4)

BR/165/PI/TEMAS: Thesaurus of Early Modern Archival Sources (TEMAS)

BR/174/A4/IPV-PRO&POL: Intimate Partner Violence: impact, processes, evolution and related public policies in Belgium (IPV-PRO&POL)

BR/175/A1/ORCA: A comparative analysis of ORganic and Conventional Agriculture’s impact on Aquatic systems (ORCA)

BR/175/A1/PERSUADE: ExPERimental approaches towards Future Sustainable Use of North Sea Artificial harD substratEs (PERSUADE)

BR/175/A2/BAMM: Belgian Antarctic Meteorites and Micrometeorites to document solar system (BAMM!)

BR/175/A2/CHASE: Unravelling Particle Chemistry in Dronning Maud Land: from atmosphere to surface (CHASE)

BR/175/A2/CHICXULUB: Chicxulub 2016 IODP-ICDP deep drilling: From cratering to mass extinction (CHICXULUB)

BR/175/A2/DIABASE: Disclosing the Antarctic basement by sampling ice field moraines (DIABASE)

BR/175/A2/OCTAVE: Oxygenated organic Compounds in the Tropical Atmosphere: variability and atmosphere-biosphere Exchanges (OCTAVE)

BR/175/A3/FENESTRA: 800 Years of fenestration history. Flat glass and windows in Federal Scientific Institutes (FENESTRA)

BR/175/A3/ORNASACRA: Ornamenta sacra. Iconological study of the liturgical heritage from the Southern Netherlands (1400-1700) ORNASACRA


BR/175/A4/FAR: Folks, Authorities and Radicalism : between polarization and social construction (FAR)

BR/175/A5/PUMOMIG: Public opinion, mobilisations and policies concerning asylum seekers and refugees in anti-immigrants times (Europe and Belgium)(PUMOMIG)

BR/175/A5/UN-MENAMAIS: UNderstanding the MEchanisms, NAture, MAgnitude and Impact of Sexual violence in Belgium (UN-MENAMAIS)

BR/175/PI/3DSPECTRAL: Revealing secrets: Multispectral 3D digitization of Cultural Heritage and Natural History Collections (3DSpectral)

BR/175/PI/CARNAGES: Critical analysis of the CARNivoran mammal success during the early AGES (CARNAGES)

BR/175/PI/GEN-EX: Metagenomics of Extreme Wave Events (GEN-EX)

BR/175/PI/ROBOSWOP: The Robotic Space Weather Operator (RoboSWOP)

BR/314/PI/APTADRU: Finger-tip biosensor for the on-site selective detection of cocaine (APTADRU)

BR/314/PI/BELVIRMUS-WW2: Belgian Virtual Museum of World War II (BELVIRMUS-WW2)

BR/314/PI/LATTECO: Lateral gene transfer as a radically novel mechanism for ecological adaptations (LATTECO)

BR/314/PI/LOTIDE: Localized Tidal Heating on Enceladus (LOTIDE)

BR/314/PI/SPADE: SPADE, a fully digital prototype of a phased-array radio solar spectrograph (SPADE)

BR/314/PI/SPIDER: Solar IrraDiation from the Energy Production of Residential PV systems (SPIDER)

BR/314/PI/SYRPINTINE: The Study of Syrphidae-Plant Interactions Introducing Next- Generation Sequencing Technologies (SYRPINTINE)


The Impact of Cybercrime on Belgian Businesses (BCC) : final report Paoli, Letizia - Visscher, Jonas - Verstraeten, Cedric ... et al  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2017 (SP2714)
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Conservation,IR, UV and 3D-imaging: The Egyptian Execration Statuettes Project (EES) : final report 2017 Delvaux, Luc - Hameeuw, Hendrik - Van der Perre, Athena.... et al  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2017 (SP2724)
[To download

Van Eyck research in Open Access (VERONA) : final report 2017 Currie, Christina - Jones, Susan - Fransen Bart  Brussels : Belgian Science Policy, 2017 (SP2725)
[To download

Les Maîtres de Guillebert de Mets (GuilleMets) : une approche interdisciplinaire : rapport final Vanwijnsberghe, Dominique - Van Bos, Marina  Bruxelles : Politique scientifique fédérale, 2016 (SP2726)
[To download

Assessment of Low Carbon Policy Instruments (ALPI) : final report Buysse, Jeroen - de Frutos Cachorro, Julia - Busselaers, Jan ... et al.  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2730)
[To download

Monitoring dynamic network for existing structures of concrete cultural patrimony (REDMONEST-BE2 ) : final report Courard, Luc - Marie-Victoire, Elisabeth - Olmi, Roberto ... et al.  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2741)
[To download

Identifying Needs to Modernize Access to Digital Data in Libraries and Archives (MADDLAIN) : final report Gillet, Florence - Hungenaert, Jill - Hodza, Melissa... et al  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2746)
[To download

Inequalities in Traffic Safety (INTRAS) : final report Brijs, Kris - Silverans, Peter - Cools, Mario... et al  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2747)
[To download

Solar Irradiation From the Energy Production of Residential PV systems (SPIDER) : final report Bertrand, Cedric - Housmans, Caroline - Leloux, Jonahtan.... et al  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2755)
[To download

Localized Tidal Heating on Enceladus (LOTIDE) : final report Beuthe, Michael  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2017 (SP2756)
[To download]  [To order

Syrphidae Plant Interactions Introducing Next Generation Sequencing Technologies (SYRPINTINE) : final report Jordaens, Kurt - Janssens, Steven - De Smet, Yannick  Brussels : Belgian scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2757)
[To download

Measuring Homelessness in Belgium (MEHOBEL) : final report 2018 Demaerschalk, E. - Italiano, P. - Mondelaers, N. ... et al.  Brussels: Belgian Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2773)
[To download

Measuring Homelessness in Belgium (MEHOBEL) :Annex 1 working paper Shepers, Wouter - Nicaise, Ides  Brussels: Belgian Scientific Policy, 2017 (SP2774)
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Measuring Homelessness in Belgium (MEHOBEL) :Annex 2 working paper Bircan, Tuba - Schockaert, Ingrid - Nicaise, Ides  Brussels: Belgian Scientific Policy, 2017 (SP2775)
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Justice and Management: the stakes for the transition to a modernized judicial (JAM) : final report SCHOENAERS, Frédéric - DUPONT, Emilie - GIBENS, Steven ... et al.  Brussels: Belgian Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2776)
[To download

Justice and Management: the stakes for the transition to a modernized judicial (JAM) : samenvatting SCHOENAERS, Frédéric - DUPONT, Emilie - GIBENS, Steven ... et al.  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2018 (SP2777)
[To download

Justice and Management: the stakes for the transition to a modernized judicial (JAM) : résumé SCHOENAERS, Frédéric - DUPONT, Emilie - GIBENS, Steven ... et al.  Brussel : Politique Scientifique fédérale, 2018 (SP2778)
[To download

Justice and Management: the stakes for the transition to a modernized judicial (JAM) : summary SCHOENAERS, Frédéric - DUPONT, Emilie - GIBENS, Steven ... et al.  Brussels : Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2779)
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Combining regional downscaling expertise in Belgium: CORDEX and beyond : final report Termonia, Piet - Van Schaeybroeck, Bert - De Cruz, Lesley ... et al  Brussels : Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2780)
[To download

A Portal to Atmospheric and Marine Information Resources (PAMIR) : final report De Rudder, Anne - Scory, Serge - Van Malderen, Roeland ... et al.  Brussels : Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2781)
[To download

A Portal to Atmospheric and Marine Information Resources (PAMIR) : Pamir report on metada Vandenberghe, T. - Christophe, Y. - Van Malderen, Roeland ... et al.  Brussels : Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2782)
[To download

A Portal to Atmospheric and Marine Information Resources (PAMIR) : samenvatting De Rudder, Anne - Scory, Serge - Van Malderen, Roeland ... et al.  Brussel : Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, 2018 (SP2783)
[To download

Un portail de données atmosphériques et marines (PAMIR) : résumé De Rudder, Anne - Scory, Serge - Van Malderen, Roeland ... et al.  Bruxelles : Politique Scientifique Fédérale, 2018 (SP2784)
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A Portal to Atmospheric and Marine Information Resources (PAMIR) : summary Vandenberghe, T. - Christophe, Y. - Van Malderen, Roeland ... et al.  Brussels : Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2785)
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Integrated networks to combat child poverty: a mixed methods research on network governance and perspectives of policy makers, social workers and families in poverty (INCh) : final report Vermeiren, Caroline - Van Haute, Dorien - Jaquet, Nicolas ... et al.  Brussels : Scientific Policy, 2018 (SP2786)
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